“Messianic" is a label that has been adopted by a very wide spectrum of individuals, from Torah observant Jews who wear kippas, tallit and peyot, to non-Torah observant “Hebraic Catholics" of Jewish descent, to other Messianics who simply refer to themselves as born again Jews.  Many Messianic believers are not of Jewish descent but have been grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel through Mashiyach and the Renewed Covenant.  However, the goal of every Messianic Believer is to return to the Faith once delivered.  For those of the Messianic Faith who have little or no background in Hebrew, the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) offers hundreds of new and fresh insights into the original teachings of Y'shua (Jesus), Paul, and the Shlichim (Apostles). 


The AENT provides the very words Y'shua spoke and a translation of his Aramaic based teaching into English.  You will likely feel as though you've been transported back to what Christian scholars refer to as “the primitive church," before post-Apostolic Church founders interpreted and defined New Testament concepts according to their Greek based cultural ideas about Mashiyach.


For those who are fluent or have basic knowledge of Hebrew the AENT provides thousands of Aramaic cognates that are derived from the Hebrew Tanakh (Torah-Neviim-Ketuvim) to be studied in the original context.


If you've ever questioned the authenticity of the New Testament or specific verses, the AENT provides a definitive, authoritative and consistent Aramaic to English translation.  The AENT also features many distinctive elements of the Netzari Faith, the original Faith of Paul and the Apostles.  There are many elements within the AENT that are not found in any other publication regarding prophecy, history and theology.  The AENT contains an encyclopedia of information in the footnotes and appendixes that few souls within the Messianic community have accessed before now.


The halakha (way to walk) that Y'shua and Paul taught was based upon Hebrew Scripture “Then opened he their mind, that they might understand the Scripture" (Luke 24:45).  Aramaic is a sister language of Hebrew that contains words and ideas that were familiar and common to the Apostles, you will find cognate terms in the AENT that bridge back to the Targums (3rd Century BCE Aramaic commentaries on Scripture) and very clearly help define ancient terms in their original context.


From a historical perspective you will discover how the Aramaic New Testament was preserved and maintained from it's very inception.  Those who call themselves Messianic do so for many important reasons, if you are Jewish it's because you clearly recognize Y'shua is Mashiyach, if you are not Jewish it's because you recognize the Good News of Mashiyach came through the Jewish people and their culture and Torah plays a very important role in your life as it was with Y'shua and his original followers.


The AENT represents the New Covenant writers directly, the very ideas and words they thought, spoke and taught in, every Messianic believer will be blessed to have a New Testament Bible that contains the very words of Y'shua.  You will not only discover how Y'shua taught, but how his followers understood what he originally taught.


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“I am Alap, also Taw,” says the Master YHWH, Elohim; who is, and was, and is to come, the omnipotent."

Revelation 1:8




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